A Global & Small-Scale Provider

Be Organic Pack is a new business worldwide, dedicated with love & passion to the creation of eco - art objects and with emphasis on innovation, ecology, sustainability.
This words that best describe our  custom organic Box Packs. The absolute combination of packaging for organic products such as olive oil, wine, sake, spirits, honey, cosmetics & other biological product.
A new organic packaging created from organic main materials such as the olive, grape & rice waste, etc, or mix of them, with combination and use of other biological materials, such as burlap and natural glue and with such procedures so that it is very durable, very lightly, biodegradable and fully environmentally friendly.
With natural colors and fragrances of construction materials
Handmade, custom creation, simple or exceptional  but always unique, in various sizes, shapes & appearance and always with the cooperation of our customers, designed and implemented precisely for their product.
Our organic packaging adds value to your products and gives both new and well established brands a fresh new look
The ideal package for corporate and personal gifts.