We design & creating unique handcrafted custom gift packaging from organic material such a Olive core, Grape Marc, Rice, etc, that perfectly blends with many organic products complementing each other with absolute respect for the environment.
Our aim and intent is to achieve exclusive partnerships with producers and companies with organic products such as olive oil, wine, honey, truffles, caviar, sake, etc., as well as corporate gifts.
Our wish is to work with all those who want to invest in something new and unique. Those who want to make the difference and why not, to assert together awards for products packaging .
Our packages are designed and created, always with the cooperation of our customers precisely  for their products, with the possibility of laser engraving and printing.
The prices are reasonable for handcrafted artefacts, starting at 8 euros and increasing according to the size, shape, complexity and uniqueness of each construction.

Very soon presentation of new packaging designs
Contact us for more information.

Organic gift packs
Organic packs from rice
Organic packs from Olive core

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Organic packs from Olive core

Some of our organic packs made from olive core. Ideal for olive oil & other organic products.